clap clap clap clap

hi my name is Cait, and I am addicted to Friends.

I have successfully watched almost an entire season in 2 days. As if this isn’t bad enough, it was a season I had already seen multiple times. I went back and rewatched an entire season of Friends I had already watched. Obviously this is why I don’t have any.

Somehow I managed to rip myself away this morning and go on one of the most most beautiful runs of my life.


part of the trail

My shin has been bothering me the past couple of days, so I decided that a nice and easy trail run was in order. Normally I’m not a big fan, but today I was really feelin’ it. I took the run very easy and stopped for multiple photo ops. Sometimes you just gotta pretend that you’re a photographer.


a stream that followed the trail for about a quarter mile.


hands down favorite part of the trail. so beautifully green. 


the reflection is so perfect. 

I am definitely not a camper or hiker or anything intense that involves being outdoors, but I just love spring and summer and everything green. Then again, who doesn’t?

My shin didn’t bother me much, and I wrapped up an easy 5.6 miles in about 55 minutes. The extra .6 was thanks to my wanting to double back to my favorite part, and it was definitely worth it. My run was one of the slowest I’ve run in a while, but it felt amazing. I honestly could’ve kept going forever.

After the run, I came back and iced my poor shin. I have never had shin splints this badly in my entire life. What’s weird is that I’ve been cutting back on my mileage for the past two weeks, and suddenly my right tibia feels like it’s going to break in half. I’m foreseeing a lot of ice and stretching in my future. Sweet.

And now the Friend’s theme song is stuck in my head. Things aren’t looking good for me. Help.

(my favorite part of the theme song is the clap part. I don’t know why. don’t judge.)

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