1. going to parties and getting exhausted talking to people you don’t know/want to know

2. wondering why you put on pants for #1.

3. preferring to watch netflix at all times 

4. favorite social interaction is watching movies because you don’t actually have to interact

5. feeling guilty for not want to hang out…but you don’t plus you’d have to put on pants

6. having a lame social life and giving zero craps about it #deuces 

7. extroverts. nope. nope. 

8. not noticing awkward silences because you don’t need constant noise

9. feeling emotionally drained after a busy saturday night

10. loljk about #9. like that actually happens.


rock whatcha got

I should be packing.



Today was a longgggg day, which was weird because I worked 12 hours yesterday and worked only 6 today. I felt like death this morning. Death. My head and eyes hurt like no other, and my shin and knee hurt a ton too (what the heck man not kewl). Around 7 am I was stocking the back room and seriously considered laying on the concrete floor and taking a nap. BUT I DIDN’T. Willpower baby. Praises that my manager is an angel and let me leave at noon because she had enough people for the rest of day #blessyouchild

So I came home and took a 3 1/2 hour nap cause yolo.

I proceeded to do laundry, rub my achy shin, and read blogs because I apparently have zero social life and really don’t care. I’m just a lone wolf like that holla. I’ve also been frantically googling (yes that is a word) what type of fabric to wear in hot and humid climates, but I’m really coming up with nothin’. All I know is avoid cotton at all costs so check.

MY VISA APP HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO CHURCH HEADQUARTERS. While I was dying slowly at work, my mom went and waited to get it all notarized and is now my favorite person ever (sorry dad gotta step it up). I really really really want to be able to report to the Sao Paulo MTC on October 2nd, but I know that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to. I’m just too dang excited to serve in Brazil. 112 days.

And tomorrow I get to go to UTAH. I’m so excited to for cafe rio, in-n-out, mission clothes shopping, hiking the Y, going to temple square, in-n-out again (priorities), and visiting family. Plus I get to show my best friend around the best college ever, Brigham Young University (go cougs) and buy those cheesy missionary items in the byu bookstore that everybody loves (need a map of my mission and one of those countdown calendars for the fam). Plus I am going to snag a Portuguese Book of Mormon AHHHHH yeah. It’s gonna be sweet.


Today at work my co-worker was ringing up a man, and he asked us why we were working and not in school (excuse me? offended). Anyways we both explained that we were in college AND had jobs, which led to him asking where we went. After hearing byu, he said “so you’re a Mormon.” I smiled and said yes, and then he told me that I looked like one (I was just wearing the uniform but thanks!) and stood there for a very long minute congratulating me on being Mormon. It was kinda cute and weird and wonderful all at the same time. I tell ya, people say the most interesting things when they hear you’re a Mormon. (cue flashback to when Romney was running for president and one lady enthusiastically wished me that he would win after hearing my religious beliefs) (cue another flashback to when someone asked me how many relatives I had in the backwoods of Utah) (cue flashback to the mom question ONE GUYS OKAY at least I think lololol)

In closing, I took a nap, will be in SLC tomo, and look like a Mormon #success

me ame eu sou mormon


guys guys guys I trained someone at work today.

that’s right. week and a half in and I get to train someone! I feel like a superstar. Except when I didn’t know how to activate a gift card. Then I was a slightly less shiny regular-star. I taught the in-n-outs (get it get it animal style yo) of the register, makin’ coffee, selling lotto tickets and cigarrettes (future missionary #swag), and using a price gun. It was all very exciting and classy obvs. All of this working at jobs I don’t exactly love just makes me that much more excited for my future career aspirations. I can’t wait until I love going to work kinda almost every day, where what I do makes a bigger difference than morning coffee wake-ups #highschoolscienceteacherlyfe

But mostly I’m just excited for that one thing 113 days awayyyy…oh yeah. THE MISSION. 113 113 113 days left till the time of my life–please sing to tune of “now or never” because I’m a true HSM girl. I couldn’t believe it when I checked yesterday. 113 days until I report to the Sao Paulo MTC. 113 days until I begin to learn Portuguese and how to become the person I need to be. 113 days until I completely turn my life over to the Lord.

IMG_0946_2look ma no hands. bring on brasil cause now I can do anything. 

So blessed.

But in 2 1/2 hours I get to go to work..again. YAY for two jobs.

mais tarde, jacaré

rollin’ with it

It’s been a long past week and a half.

Long like donkey kong.

I know that’s not how it goes, but it works for me sooo yeah. anyways.

I worked 46 hours last week. 46 HOURS HOLY COW I AM SUPER WOMAN. I know for a lot of people that’s like no big deal, but for me? That was a miracle right thur. I recently acquired a second job thinking that I’d have a nice 30-35 hours a week now. lolololjk at my life. I’m dying. I am a dying, soon to be filthy rich woman…right after taxes and tithing. So moderately rich. Middle class. I can deal.

In between all of the working, I have been dragging my butt to the elliptical to attempt to stay in shape. My shin splints were starting to feel better, but I didn’t wanna risk it. No wayyy Jose. I plodded along, trying various intervals and watching HIMYM until I couldn’t breathe from the exertion and laughter. I also decided to try and do more strength circuits too! HA. HAHA. I’m all over the abs, and did planks, aka the worst exercise ever, until I thought I would collapse. Then I tried to do push-ups. Guess how many LEGIT 90 degree flat back beautiful push-ups I can do? Go ahead, guess.



THREE. I can do three in a row before my abs and arms give out. I will be a dead woman in Brazil if I don’t get mah act togetha.

Oh wait I’m already dead from working.

BUT on the bright side, guess who ran for the first time in THREE WEEKS on Saturday?? This girl right here. I ran 3.11 miles like it was mah job, and no pain. I felt a tiny tinge, but it went away and never came back. I iced my shin asap and it was beautiful. The run was a little shameful though. I went when it was hot, and around mile 2.5 I was d-o-n-e. Oops. I’m sure I’ll be back to 10 mile runs by late July or early August, but until then I’m just going to enjoy the runs. I’ll only have about 30 minutes to exercise each day during the mishhh, so I’ll be okay.

THE MISSION. Holy cow words cannot express how excited I am getting for this thannng. I keep reading sister missionary blogs and practically crying from excitement and happiness (check out bella in berlin and the hipster RM yo). I’m going to go missionary clothes shopping part 1 of many this weekend! I just can’t believe how blessed I am. Life is beautiful (aka my catchphrase because it is and ya’ll know it). Brazil Fortaleza East won’t know what hit it.


Speaking of Brazil, getting a visa there is COMPLICATED. I am so grateful for my mom, the brains of this whole operation. She has been scouring over those papers like nobody’s business. I took THE UGLIEST passport pictures ever today. Well granted, my actual passport picture is the ugliest thing ever (I was sick with the flu…and will look that way until 2021), but these visa app pics are a close second. You can’t smile, and your hair has to be tucked behind your ears so you can see your ear tips. Turns out that a 6 am shift doesn’t look good on me. Oh and my mouth is crooked when I don’t smile. So kewl. whaddup brasil

Hopefully it’ll all be turned in soon—my visa application for a visa application that is. It’s like inception. Visa-ception. Except not because I hate it when people say that and now I’m judging myself like it’s my third job.

Whoaaa baby I need to sleep. Obvs. Two more days till a short but needed vacation #hallelujah

pegar você no lado da aleta

chamados a servir


Life’s been pretty good over in my neck of the woods. I kept thinking I should post, but then I figured I should wait until something interesting happens. And then nothing interesting happened aka my life in a nutshell.

The past week I haven’t been able to run due to terrible shin splints. It’s been killing my soul slowly, but I can tell it’s working. The pain is definitely not gone, but it’s getting better little by little. I’m just hoping I’ll still be able to run the half marathon in June. It’s in a little less than a month, and the farthest I’ve gone is 10 miles…about a month ago. My mental willpower is seriously slacking thanks to the lapse too, but I’m hoping to kick my butt back into shape this week. Until then the elliptical is my new best friend.

I also am finally employed! Oh happy day.

Life is pretty grand, especially considering that I have recently received…drumroll…MY MISSION CALL.


I have been called to serve for 18 months in the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission:

Fortaleza, the city. Am I blessed or what? 


Granted, this is a picture of the nicer part of the city. Another view:


I’ll have the opportunity to serve in a vast amount of areas, since my mission covers more than just the city of Fortaleza. It spreads down the coast and covers about 5 or 6 cities from what I can tell. I’m so excited! And since I’ll be in Brazil, I will be learning Portuguese! Oi is hi. Sim is yes. And that’s pretty much all I know.

However, I do have 4 years of Spanish under my belt, and many of the words look similar in written form to Portuguese. Pronunciation is another issue, but at least I’m not totally lost, right? Right.


I am so excited to love and serve the people of Brazil. I know that so much happiness awaits me, and I am so blessed for this opportunity.

chamados a servir